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Campus Management System

Parents always want to look over the performance of their children from time to time. We at Edulyse Understood this need and designed an effective Campus Management System for institutes wherein parents will get a systematized and time to time update regarding the performance of their children. It generates accurate and very efficient automated information which uses a crystal report technique.


In the Current scenario with online payment, parents have to remember the admission number of their wards, banks send payment information with admission numbers in excel file(daily), school admins manually compare data with school records to identify defaulters and also admin send a generic message. All this is very much time-consuming.

Notification Pannel

But you are at ease if you use our software because it automatically captures payment details, identifies defaulters, and aids in automatic bank reconciliation. Our software moves with time i.e. allow for maintenance and up-gradation. It is user friendly because the retrieval and storing of data are fast and data is maintained efficiently. It supports data management, data analysis, and report generation.

The dashboard provides you with an easy interface to access all the features of the system. Depending upon the user's privileges, they will find links to the pages they can access student achievement, attendance, timetable, virtual Id Card, payment of fees online, smart social media integration, etc.

Edulyse Dashboard

From the attendance page, the parents can know about the total number of days their ward was absent and the days on which their ward has taken a leave. The system can be configured to automatically notify the student's guardians through smart auto alerts if the student is absent for a specified number of days.

Edulyse Way

From the student's achievement page the parents can view the results and easily access reports based on the available results. Our module helps the parents in better evaluation of their ward academic performance.

From the timetable page, the parents and students can view their timetables from this module.

From the payment of fees, online page parents can easily view the yearly fee report by category and can also check the pending fee report, pay the fees without any hassle of standing in long queues and they can also download the receipt for the same.

From the smart social media integration page, parents can share the awards received by their ward on Facebook from the mobile app, and then when the Facebook friends click on the post, it opens up the school website details and from this, the friends visit schools website.

In conclusion, schools that adapt to changing technologies enjoy-better branding, increase in admissions, more productive and happier staff, smarter students, and happier and more informed parents.


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