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Delhi To Have Own State Education Board

The Delhi government has instigated the process of formation of its school education board that constituted two committees which are the Delhi Education Board Committee and Delhi Curriculum Reform Committee to work on it.

In its 2020-21 budget, the Delhi government had announced plans for curriculum refinement and creating a new board of education for the national capital. The prime concern is now on quality, with Rs 62 crore demarcated for “radical changes in the curriculum” and for the setting up of Delhi’s own state education board. The budget also assured to convert all classrooms into digital classes within over five years, while proposing to establish two new universities.

The Education Minister proposed to begin the construction of 17 new school buildings at a cost of Rs 175 crore in 2020-21. The budget also set aside Rs 100 crore for digital classrooms in secondary and senior secondary government schools in 2020-21, 10 classrooms in each school will become a digital classroom.

Another important proposal in this direction is the establishment of Delhi's own State Board of Education. The aim of the new board is to establish such a system of education and examination in which children focus more on understanding and learning, rather than scoring marks by rote learning so that they prepare themselves for the possible challenges of the approaching future. A sum of Rs 62 crore is proposed for this


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