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Education dept allows fee collection by Pvt schools; no clarity on the annual hike

Private schools in the national capital will not be allowed to increase fees during the corona virus lockdown without government consent and only the tuition fee can be charged until the time schools reopen.

The Education Department has issued an order stating that schools should not force parents to pay any fee until normal classes recommence. The department stated that schools could collect the fee in installments in the coming months by adjusting the arrears. The department also wrote that parents in a stable financial situation could pay the monthly fee.

The business and livelihood of many parents have been affected due to the lockdown that has been implemented to contain Coronavirus. In such conditions, it won’t be possible for them to pay the fee and they should not be forced to deposit fees. The education department also said that parents could share their grievances as per Rule 158-A of Haryana School Education Rules, 2003 if schools were found not obeying with the order.

Schools have also been mandated to pay salaries to staff including the contractual employees and seek funds from their parent organization if they face any difficulty in doing so.

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