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Save school money. Use Mobile applications and save the cost of SMS

Keeping in touch with parents is vital for schools – but with budgets stretched, the cost of the communication process can be the cause of real concern. But what if there was a way to save school money by using a different approach?

School Application

Communication never stops…

How many times a week do you have to contact parents? Maybe there’s a text about the possibility of bad weather or any other detail. Then there’s the messages to parents of children about child attendance. Plus the reminders about parents’ evening, the PTM or fees payment.

All of these things take time – yet they are so important for a school to run smoothly. But if your admin team – or person! – worry about the cost of every message, how do they decide which ones are important?

The traditional system:

With a traditional communications system, text messaging costs can soon add up.

For example, a bulk text messaging service might charge from 15 paisa a message. A school with 300 children on roll could be paying Rupees 45 for one message to go to all parents.

There’s also the question – how do you know what size bundle to buy?

And of course, no matter how often contact details are updated, parents change their mobile phone numbers when they switch networks, lose a phone, or change jobs.

These ‘lost’ text messages still of course cost your school money.

So what’s the answer?

Edulyse ERP Systems sends messages as Push Notifications – and they cost nothing!

So you can message as much as you like. And you can choose if the messages go to the whole school, or groups that parents subscribe to – year groups, sports teams, after-school clubs – there’s no limit.

Plus, your messages will always reach the phone that your School Application is downloaded to. Therefore when parents get a new phone or switch networks, as long as they transfer their apps, the message will always get through!

Our belt-and-braces approach allows parents to look back on historical messages if they miss them the first time.

So now you can take advantage of our free messaging for schools and save school money if you get your personalized application from Edulyse Technologies Private Limited.


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