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Sex Education in India

In a country that reports high rates of teenage pregnancies and sexual abuse, one would think that the need for a curriculum focusing on gender equality, the importance of consent, and boundaries, would not be a matter of debate.

The reality, however, is that sexual education for adolescents is a highly controversial topic in India. It is seen as offensive to Indian values, and concerns that it might lead to risky sexual behavior and promiscuity. Young people in our country need real sex education that provides them with all information they need to stay safe and make healthy choices.

Where Government of India is still discussing on the fact that should sex education be provided in Indian school's or not. It's good to see the people of India are taking Internet as a medium to share some knowledge about sex education in India. Vloggers and Blogger's in India are taking some effort to go into public and ask people about there view's on should Sex education be thought in School Just like Kholke bol India a you tube channel did.

We also have Abish Mathew a stand-up comedian and a YouTube performer who master's an art to talk about sensitive topics in a funny way even explained Sex Education in unique way in his show Son of Abish.

Even a stand Up comedian Aakash Mehta based out of Mumbai took up stage and shares his school time experiences about sex education which was created by: The Comedy Factory.

The reality is harsh In the land of Kamasutras, Khujarao’s Sex temples, and people worshiping ‘Shivlingas’, the word “SEX” still remains a taboo in India. Keeping in mind the changing dynamics of the society in India, the Government of India has brought out the National Education Policy, 2016, which accepts the significance of sex education in schools but still is not properly implemented in our country. Let's wait how much time more does it take.

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