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What is K-12 & Beyond?

K-12 and beyond is a platform by Edulyse technologies Private Limited dedicated towards free educational content for our young torch barriers of country. Our primary aim is to bring out talent out of the pool of the population that INDIA, as a nation possesses.

No matter how tiny the skill maybe, how minute the detail be, how usual the craft maybe; it’ll all be given to the next generation of viewers with a sole motive to enhance the Indian industry standards of that particular art (here, ART is a form of education).

Bringing the spotlight ON our Strikers, the front 4, or the forwards; will be:

School's, Teachers and FREELANCERS who are willing to contribute to the noble cause for passion or profession because we believe that the children need us.

Companies and MNCs are welcome to stretch their hand out for compassionate gestures.

Content creators, thinkers, bloggers, vloggers and volunteers are welcome to join hands.

NGOs and social activists

Education will empower the future generation but what will make them better human beings is our love, care and attention. If you would like to devote your time to ensure that it happens, Edulyse technologies will be grateful beyond measure. Trust us, the smiles of the children will be worth it.


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