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Why is ‘Mid-Session’ the Best Time To Start an ERP IMPLEMENTATION?

Implementing an ERP solution for your institute is one of the most important decisions. You will be relying on this software for smooth functioning of your institute’s day to day operations across different departments viz. Accounting and Finance, Academics (Homework, Projects, Periodic Test results, Exam Results printing and publishing), Class management (Attendance management, Announcements and communications), Front Desk Management (Visitor Log), Library Management, Transport Management etc.

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Therefore, it is important that you weigh the available product options; try them out fully before committing to use the chosen solution for the long term. If you implement an ERP solution during the middle of the academic session you give yourself ample time to try out the software before the next session starts.

During the course of this “probation period” for the software you will get a chance to use all its features including the ones that are seasonal in nature (such as report card printing). You will also get a chance to put that extra pressure on the product support team to meet tight deadlines which will test their ability to deliver their services under high pressure. And during this session if you find out that the software or related services have any shortcomings then you can either get them customized to your need or in extreme cases just decide not to use the ERP solution and choose another one for the new academic session.

Student Management Software

Therefore, starting an ERP implementation in the middle of the academic session helps you in reducing risk and gives you ample time to finalize your decision about the choice of ERP solution for your institute.

Edulyse™ is a one stop solution for all the stakeholders in the education system ranging from the management and teachers to parents, students as well as the alumni. Our main objective is to automate the entire schooling process benefiting everyone involved as well as construct a transparent relationship between the two main pillars of academia- the school and parents.


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