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 Transforming teaching methods & educators via digital education in e-classroom with  digital teaching device &  online 3D learning content

Online Family Entertainment

Create Courses as per your need and add Video, Audio or PDF content


 Brief or condensed topic explainers, Mind maps, Worksheets & Assignments

Online Teacher

Built for teacher's a live platform designed to create a healthy learning environment

Good Grades

Conduct test online and share the result with parents and child in one click

Mobile Application Just for Teacher's

Student arrived late to Institute?

Update attendance record from the Mobile Application

Assign Homework

Assign Homework to your entire class through Mobile Application

Compose Announcement 

Send announcement to your entire class through Mobile Application

Publish Test Results

Publish test result for entire class through Mobile Application

Upload Class Pictures

Upload class pictures  through Mobile Application

Online Classes

Take live classes directly from your Mobile Application

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